Stats Statistics of JavaMelody monitoring taken at 4/28/17 12:33 AM on / (liferay-javamelody-hook)

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Used memory % CPU Http sessions
Active threads Active jdbc connections Used jdbc connections
Http hits per minute Http mean times (ms) % of http errors
Sql hits per minute Sql mean times (ms) % of sql errors
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http Statistics http - 1 day

Request% of cumulative timeHitsMean time (ms)Max time (ms)Standard deviation% of cumulative cpu timeMean cpu time (ms)% of system errorMean size (Kb)
http global 100 5,404 495 31,455 1,071 100 424 1.39 54
http warning 15 210 2,021 7,057 545 17 1,858 0.00 52
http severe 8 39 5,772 31,455 6,516 8 5,065 0.00 51
163 hits/min on 461 requests       Details      

sql Statistics sql - 1 day


error Statistics http system errors - 1 day

Error% of cumulative timeHitsMean time (ms)Max time (ms)Standard deviation% of cumulative cpu timeMean cpu time (ms)
Error404 100 75 1,383 2,244 538 100 1,326
2 hits/min on 1 errors       Details       Last errors      

log Statistics system errors logs - 1 day


Current requests Current requests


System information System information

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     View deployment descriptor View deployment descriptor     MBeans MBeans     View OS processes View OS processes     JNDI tree JNDI tree
Java memory used: graph2,342 Mb / 5,990 Mb    ++++++++++++
Nb of http sessions: graph91
Nb of active threads
(current http requests):
Nb of active jdbc connections: graph0
Nb of used jdbc connections
(opened if no datasource):
System loadgraph0.56
% System CPUgraph5.40    ++++++++++++


Threads Threads

Threads on Number = 222, Maximum = 277, Total started = 18,598       Details

Last collect time: 612 ms
Display time: 239 ms
Memory overhead estimate: < 2 Mb
Disk usage: 42 Mb     Purge the obsolete files

JavaMelody 1.59.0
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