• YoCream® University Webinar Schedule

    Whether you're opening your first shop, or looking for insights and connections to expand your business, Dannon® YoCream® University can help provide you with the essentials to get your shop off the ground.

  • Operations

Using information from thousands of customers and years of running our own shop, we'll guide you through the most important points of building out and running a successful shop.

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  • Mixology

Are you looking to offer more variety while managing and minimizing waste and the cost associated?  Looking for quick and easy ways to differentiate your business from your competitors to increase your customer flow?  Let us show you how you can start doing that immediately.

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  • Social Media

Whether the world of social media is daunting, or you already post regularly, there are plenty of industry best practices to understand how to improve.  Join us as our experts share data-based best practices established in the industry.

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Dannon® YoCream® University Class of 2015 is in Session
We offer convenient session each year for operators.