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As our partner, you can expect unprecedented customer service, industry knowledge and innovative custom product solutions to help your business thrive.

Stand Out with High-Quality Products Customized for You

We're proud to create the best products and solutions for you based on your specific business needs.

As part of the Dannon® family of brands, our experience and expertise brings you:


How can we help you succeed?

We have the distribution experience and know-how to help you succeed.


Expert Insights

  • Our strong partnerships with frozen and fresh distributors—and unprecedented experience may help you expand your footprint.
  • We boast a large distribution network including independents and broadliners. And our turnkey exporting process makes overseas endeavors easy.
We are at your service

Greater Logistics
Our strong distributor relationships ensure you receive excellent service at every touchpoint.


On-Call Advice
We are your live yoghurt experts; we are ready to help any time you need assistance.


Dedicated Sales Force:
Covering the entire US, our sales force helps you execute programs, troubleshoot and complete audit compliance.