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Dannon® YoCream® is sold through a network of foodservice distributors nationwide. You can call Dannon® YoCream® customer service at 1-800-YoCream, contact us here, or email to be connected with your regional territory manager.

You can find Dannon® YoCream® in frozen yogurt shops, restaurants, convenience stores, retail chains, cafeterias, colleges, military and government foodservice locations and more.

Each case of Dannon®YoCream®contains 6 half-gallon cartons. Cases of our liquid mixes are shipped frozen to preserve high levels of Live & Active Cultures. Our frozen mixes and beverages are available to operators through our network of distributors.

At Dannon® YoCream®, we’re focused on producing great qualityfrozen treats and beverages. We do not manufacture or distribute equipment.

We do work with equipment companies to ensure our products work well in all soft serve machines. We’ve included a list of major frozen yogurt machinesuppliers below. You can also find additional suppliers and information online through a basic Internet search.

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If you have any questions, please call1-800-YoCream, contact us here, or email

No. Dannon® YoCream® frozen yogurts are carefully crafted with real yogurt to contain Live and Active Yogurt Cultures. These beneficial cultures cannot survive in powdered form; therefore we only sell our mixes in the frozen liquid form.

Live and Active Yogurt Cultures are live microorganisms that help turn milk into yogurt. They also help decrease the lactose content of yogurt, which could help lactose-intolerant people enjoy dairy products without feeling discomfort.

All Dannon® YoCream®Frozen Yogurts are carefully crafted to contain beneficial probiotic Live and Active Yogurt Cultures. With 100 million cultures per gram, our frozen yogurts contain 10X the National Yogurt Association’s requirement to feature the Live and Active Cultures seal. 

Dannon® YoCream® Frozen Yogurt cultures include: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis, L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium.