Dannon® YoCream® offers a diverse selection of frozen yogurt varieties, including 7 no-sugar-added2 (NSA) options. These on-trend flavors have no sugar added, no fat and no artificial colors or flavors. With a sweet and decadent flavor profile, they’re a delicious way to meet demand for great-tasting, better-for-you treats

Flavor exclusivity and uniqueness are two key factors consumers consider when visiting a frozen yogurt shop,1 so make your operation a destination for discovery with our tasty NSA offerings. 

  • No Sugar-Added

    PRODUCT NAME                               PRODUCT #

    Cheesecake Flavored                              69740

    Chocolate Flavored                                 69731

    Raspberry Flavored                                 69735

    Strawberry Flavored                               69733

    Strawberry Banana Flavored                 69736

    Vanilla Flavored                                       69732

    Yellow Cake Batter Flavored                  89341

1 Dannon Frozen Foodservice AA&U 2017

2 Not  a low calorie food. 0g added sugar.

*Meets the National Yogurt Association criteria for Live and Active Culture Frozen Yogurt.

LAC Seal not valid for plant Based, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, and custard product lines.

**OU-D applies to sealed containers only and NOT FOR ANY RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS.

***All Dannon Yocream varieties are certified Gluten Free except for Cookies 'n cream and Creamy Mint Cookie.