Dannon® YoCream® offers a diverse selection of frozen yogurt varieties, including 10 no-sugar-added2 (NSA) options. These on-trend flavors have no sugar added, no fat and no artificial colors or flavors. With a sweet and decadent flavor profile, they’re a delicious way to meet demand for great-tasting, better-for-you treats

Flavor exclusivity and uniqueness are two key factors consumers consider when visiting a frozen yogurt shop,1 so make your operation a destination for discovery with our tasty NSA offerings. 

  • No Sugar-Added

    PRODUCT NAME                               PRODUCT #

    Blueberry Flavored                                 92393

    Cheesecake Flavored                             92403

    Chocolate Flavored                                 92390

    Coffee Flavored                                       92398

    Praline Flavored                                      92399

    Raspberry Flavored                                92394

    Strawberry Flavored                               92392

    Strawberry Banana Flavored                 92396

    Vanilla Flavored                                       92391

    Yellow Cake Batter Flavored                  80022

1 Dannon Frozen Foodservice AA&U 2017

2 Not  a low calorie food. 0g added sugar.

*Meets the National Yogurt Association criteria for Live and Active Culture Frozen Yogurt.

LAC Seal not valid for plant Based, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, and custard product lines.

**OU-D applies to sealed containers only and NOT FOR ANY RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS.

***All Dannon Yocream varieties are certified Gluten Free except for Cookies 'n cream and Creamy Mint Cookie.