Middle Handle Recipes

  • Vanilla Banana Pudding


    • Hopper 1
      1.  5 cartons Low Fat White Vanilla 
      2. 1.5-2 boxes (11 oz each) vanilla wafer-type cookies
    • Hopper 2
      1. 6 cartons Low Fat White Vanilla 
      2. 3 boxes (5.1 oz each) banana cream instant pudding mix


    1. Pour ½ carton of White Vanilla yogurt mix into a high shear blender.
    2.  Add ¼ of the box of cookies. 
    3. Blend until smooth and creamy 
    4. Pour cookie mix into a clean sanitized pail 
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all the cookies are ground. 
    6. Pour White Vanilla into a separate pail. 
    7. Using a wire whisk, blend in the Banana Cream pudding mix. 
    8.  Cover and refrigerate both pails overnight to allow flavors to develop. 
    9. Mix well before pouring each pail into a separate hopper. 
    10. Pull middle handle for Vanilla Banana Pudding