Give customers a taste of "Better For You" indulgence.

Freshen up your business with Dannon® YoCream® sorbets. Fifteen delicious flavors make it easy to add the variety and sweetness customers are looking for—without excess fat. All of our sorbets are vegan and include fewer than 100 calories per serving. Plus, they’re free of artificial colors and flavors, dairy, cholesterol and gluten.

Perfectly delicious on their own or swirled with other frozen yogurts, sorbets are a customer favorite all year long—they’re even included on Dannon YoCream’s top-selling flavor list. Our sorbets include classic fruity options and beyond.


    PRODUCT NAME                                        PRODUCT # 

    Berry Acai FLAVORED                                     80040

    Raspberry Lime Mojito FLAVORED               80039

    Caramelized Pineapple FLAVORED               80036

    Passion Orange Guava FLAVORED                80005

    Chocolate Fudge FLAVORED                          80018

    Green Apple FLAVORED                                 80008

    Key Lime FLAVORED                                       92377

    Kiwi Strawberry FLAVORED                           92374

    Mango Sunrise FLAVORED                             92371

    Orange Splash FLAVORED                             80028

    Passion Orange Guava FLAVORED               80005

    Pink Lemonade FLAVORED                           80000

    Pomegranate Raspberry FLAVORED            92430

    Strawberry Lemonade FLAVORED               92378

    Very Berry FLAVORED                                   92368

    Watermelon FLAVORED                                92379