Take Your Customers’ Taste Buds on a Journey.

Dannon® YoCream® is proud to offer a new category of frozen desserts—soft serve gelato! Your customers will love the rich flavor and dense texture of our gelato made with 7% butterfat—it’s 3X as creamy as our Lowfat category. The category includes many delicious, uniquely Italian gelato flavors, all bursting with exotic taste and true decadence your patrons will love! 

Start by using one machine for your gelato offerings. Dedicate one handle to Chocolate, and rotate each flavor in the other handle. Be sure to use a fun, creative name for the middle handle!

In addition to providing FREE posters and flavor strips, Dannon YoCream is helping you create an exciting experience for your customers with a social media toolkit!

  • Soft Serve Italian Style

    PRODUCT NAME                                                                 PRODUCT#

    Chocolate Naturally and Artificially Flavored                                            80032   

    Banana Flambe Flavored                                                                          80034

    Hazelnut Naturally and Artificially Flavored                                   80030

    Creamy Limencello Flavored                                                                 80033 

    Pistachio Naturally and Artificially Flavored                                               80030

    Vanilla Bean Naturally and Artificially Flavored                              80038

    Tiramisu Flavored                                                                                            80044

















Get with the Dannon YoCream gelato program today to help make your shop the go-to destination for tasty treats.