Make The Most Of The Middle Handle

Unique flavors and large selection are two of the top five motivators for customers' froyo shop visits1. Maximize incremental sales and differentiate your offerings with these middle handle twist ideas you can incorporate all year long

   Featured Flavor

+ Additional Flavor

= Swirl Flavor

Nonfat Cappuccino3


+ Nonfat Eggnog2


+ Nonfat Pumpkin

= Eggnog Latte


= Pumpkin Latte



Your Favorite Chocolate

+ Premium Peanut Butter


+ Nonfat Orchard Cherry


+ Lowfat Dulce de Leche


+ Nonfat Pecan Praline

= Peanut Butter Cup


= Cherry Cordial


= Chocolate Caramel Bar


= Chocolate Praline


Nonfat Cotton Candy

+ Lowfat Salted Caramel Corn3


+ Nonfat Island Banana2


+ Nonfat Very Raspberry2

= Carnival Swift


= Banana Taffy


= Blue Raspberry


Lowfat Dulce de Leche2

+Nonfat Georgia Peach


+ Nonfat Cookies & Cream


+ Nonfat Pumpkin2


+ Nonfat Apple Pie2

= Caramel Peach Cobbler


= Caramel chocolate Cookies


= Caramel Pumpkin Mousse


= Caramel Apple Cobbler

Nonfat Georgia Peach2

+ Nonfat Very Raspberry

= Peach Melba

Key Lime Sorbet4

+Nonfat Irish Mint3


+ Nonfat Very Strawberry2

= Mint Julep


= Key To My Heart

Mango Sunrise Sorbet4

+Nonfat Very Strawberry


+ Nonfat Very Raspberry

=Tropical Passion


= Island Tropics

Nonfat Mountain Blackberry2


+ Nonfat Pecan Praline2


= Blackberry Cobbler


Lowfat Sweet Coconut2

+ Key Lime Sorbet4


+ No Sugar Added Strawberry2*


+ Lowfat Salted Caramel Corn3


+ POG (Passion Orange Guava) Sorbet4


+ Caramelized Pineapple  Sorbet4

= Key Lime Coconut Delight


= Strawberry Lava Flow


= Coconut Caramel Corn


= Hawaiian Picnic


= Tropic Breeze

Hazelnut Gelato5

+ Nonfat Island Banana2


+ Nonfat Cappucicno

= Banana Nut


= Hazelnut Cappuccino

Pistachio Gelato5

+ Nonfat White Chocolate Mousse2


+ Lowfat Dulce de Leche2

= Divinity


= Caramel Nut

Banana Flambe Gelato4

+ Lowfat Dulce de Leche2


+ Nonfat Graham Cracket3

= Banana's Foster


= Banana Caramel Pie

POG(Passion Orange Guava) Sorbet4

+ Your Favorite Vanilla


+ Creamy Limoncello Gelato4

= POGsicle


= Paradise

Seasonal Swirl For Fall & Winter

   Featured Flavor

+ Additional Flavor

= Swirl Flavor

Green Apple Sorbet4

+ Lowfat Dulce de Leche2

= Caramel Apple

Cinnamon Honey Sorbet4

+ Lowfat Cake Batter5

= Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Lowfat Dulce de Leche2

+ Premium Peanut Butter3

= Caramel Candy

Nonfat Pecan Praline2

+ Nonfat Georgia Peach2

= Peach Cobbler

Nonfat Orchard Cherry2

+ Nonfat Graham Cracker3

= Cherry Pie

Original Tart2

+ Green Apple Sorbet4

= Granny Apple Tart

Nonfat Pumpkin2

+ Nonfat New York Cheesecake2

= Pumpkin Cheesecake

Chocolate Gelato5

+ Nonfat Toasted Marshmallow3

= Toasted Marshmallow fudge

Nonfat White Chocolate Mousse2

+ Lowfat Salted Caramel Corn3

= Mousse Tracks

Lowfat Sweet Coconut2

+ Chocolate Gelato5

= Macaroon

Your Favorite Chocoolate

+ Nonfat Peppermint Stick2

= Peppermint Patty

Get  Creative

Use your customers' favorite flavors to create tasty combinations perfect for any time of year.





Example: Strawberry + Your Favorite Vanilla = Strawberry Cream



1Dannon Frozen Foodservice AASU 2014    2Flavored Frozen Yogurt   3Naturally and Artifically Flavored Frozen Yogurt   4Flavored   5Naturally and Artificially Flavored    *Not a low calorie food